The Lord's Prayer Ribbon with Cross

There may be a cross on the Lords Prayer Ribbon. It looks good, and it marks the Prayer Ribbon as a Christian prayer ribbon.
The cross is the symbol of christianity.

The creed of the christian church in very brief form:
"We believe in Jesus Christ, our savior, crucified and risen."
The cross is empty as the tomb Easter morning.

The cross is a sign of perfect love, the love That bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.
Jesus Christ is with us in suffering, in pain, in death, in total.

The cross is a sign of the power of God and of Jesus, who gains victory over death and darkness.
The light penetrates darkness.
Life triumphs over death.
Love is stronger than evil and hatred.
The sign of the cross has always been associated with power to protect against evil.
In the church the congregation is blesses with the sign of the cross.

On The Lord's Prayer Ribbon, I like the cross in between the beads, not because it is a part of the prayer, but anyway:
I pray to God in faith in Jesus Christ. He has given us the Lord's Prayer and he is with us when we pray.
We are not alone, for he is in our heart or invisible by our side when we pray to God.
Usually I put the cross on The Lord's Prayer Ribbon with 3 beads before and 4 after. The first three beads are the first three prayers of the Lords Prayer, they concern God. The last 4 beads concern ourselves and our life in this world.
It seems to me correct to place the cross in the middle.
The cross is the place, where Heaven meets the Earth.

Hanne Bohr

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