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Plait a Prayer

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The Lords Prayer Ribbon with tassels

The Lords Prayer Ribbon with the Lord's prayer

The Lords Prayer Ribbon

The Lords Prayer Ribbon is a prayer ribbon, you can easily tie.
It is plaited with three strings of yarn, signifying the Trinity.
There are seven knots or beads on the ribbon representing the seven prayers in The Lords Prayer.
There is a tassel in each end of the prayer ribbon for the beginning and the end of the prayer.
There are nine strings in each tassel.

Say the Lords Prayer in your heart while you tie the ribbon.

It is a good thing to drag the ribbon between your fingers and feel the knots, while you meditate on the prayers.

The Lords Prayer Ribbon is meant as a help to learn, remember and meditate on the Lord's Prayer.

You can put beads on the ribbon, click here to read more about beads.
There may be a cross on The Lord's Prayer Ribbon, click here to read more about the Cross.
Here are a some ideas on how you can use The Lord's Prayer Ribbon.
The Lord's Prayer and something about it.
Colors may have symbolic meaning.
How it can be done. Video on YouTube.
PDF publication with some information.

Bind en Bøn, Om symboler, farver, perler, tal og hemmeligheder og om at bede Fadervor Bind en Bøn sammen, til børn, børnebørn og gudbørn

Religions Pædagogisk Forlag (Religions Educational Publishers) has released two small booklets concerning The Lords Prayer Ribbon

About symbols, colors, beads, numbers and secrets
and the Lord's Prayer

For children, grandchildren and godchildren

The booklets can be purchased at: and
The booklets are in the danish language.

Hanne Bohr:

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